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2019 - Our Promises To You

Exist to make athletes better
A key tenet for us when founding Castore was the desire to create sportswear capable of supporting the world’s leading athletes. We founded the Castore Academy in 2016 to help provide guidance and financial support to some of the most exciting young prospects from across a range of sports and 2019 will see our first partnerships with athletes already at the very top level. This will be a major step and play a big role in helping us fulfil our ambition of building Castore into a brand of truly global recognition, capable of competing on the world stage.

Combining physical and digital
Having spent three years building Castore as a digital-first brand, our first experience of physical retail during our December pop up in Knightsbridge, London proved a phenomenal success and opened our minds to the great opportunities offered by stores. Using stores as physical spaces that allow people to connect more deeply with the Castore brand and understand our DNA in a way different to through a laptop will become more important to our strategy. Watch this space for pop up and permanent stores in international cities next year that we hope will both excite and delight you.

Teamwork makes the dream work
Without question, the proudest we have felt as founders of the Castore brand has been through building a team of passionate, talented, exceptionally hard working individuals who are selfless enough to put their own needs as secondary the collective goal of building Castore. As the business has grown in the past 12 months, the size of our team has increased dramatically and we have started building a culture based on a deep passion for sport, product, innovation and of course, winning. Maintaining this ethos as we continue to grow the brand will be paramount to the long term success of Castore.

Innovation, innovation, innovation
Creating products superior to anything else in the sportswear market is a core element of the Castore moda operandi. There is still so much scope to further evolve this both from a technical and design perspective and in 2019 you will see the output of the relentless hard work of our product teams over the last year. We think you will very much enjoy what we have to show you and look forward to hearing you feedback on how we can continue to get even better.

Product expansion
One of the areas we are most excited about in the next year is the expansion of our product range beyond our core of everyday training garments to cover a broader range of an athletes lifestyle. Whether that be into new sport-specific categories such as golf and tennis, or slightly more casual attire suitable for both pre and post training - all while retaining the Castore commitment to technical excellence and performance fabrics ethos that is core to the Castore DNA.

Driven by technology
In the next 12 months we will invest heavily in further development of our already advanced technology and precision engineering techniques used to create Castore garments. There are a number of exciting areas of opportunity to improve the construction and bonding of garments as we seek ever better ways to make products lighter, more flexible and more durable. The ambition to create sportswear that enhanced athletic performance in all conditions will be driven first and foremost by athletes and their needs but very much underpinned by technology.

Partner for greatness
To date, we have been entirely focussed on building Castore through our own web platform which has given us a fantastic opportunity to interact directly with customers and use your ongoing feedback to help continually improve and refine our products. Whilst this will of course continue, 2019 will see Castore’s first ever collaboration partnerships. Working with brands who are leaders in their respective fields from technology to design and sports science will allow us to push Castore into a number of new creative areas and explore the potential of the Better Never Stops ideology.

Success is the only option
Whilst 2018 has undoubtedly been a tremendous all round success for Castore, we are confident 2019 will be another big step forward on our journey as a brand. Our plans for next year will see an acceleration of our international growth. Many brands experience a level of easy success only to stall when the going gets tough before eventually fading away - we are relentlessly committed to ensuring Castore only goes from strength to strength and continues working to become a brand recognised on the global stage.

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