SS24 Apex Collection: HIIT Workout Clothing

SS24 Apex Collection: HIIT Workout Clothing

Kristin Kennedy-Brown - April 03, 2024

Introducing the Apex Collection - built for your most intense workouts. 

Specifically designed for optimum performance, the Apex collection is engineered for fast paced training intervals. Through high tech design elements and finishes, the Apex collection warrants unsurpassable performance on the days that matter the most. Crafted with the sentiment that every achievement emerges not from the comfort of familiarity but the bravery to push into the unknown. 

Engineered for breathability, mobility and protection, the Apex collection is built with intention. Aeromesh panels warrant enhanced airflow throughout the garments and AerTek moisture-wicking fabrications guarantee all-workout-long comfort. While ProTek water-resistant technology ensures amplified protection from the elements, no matter the climate. Training out of hours? Reflective details promise visibility when you need it most. 

What is a HIIT workout?

High intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, is a form of cardiovascular exercise. 

Key Apex Collection highlights include:

Water resistance: Crafted with ProTek water-resistant technology to add a water-repellent shield for enhanced protection and comfort to ensure that your performance isn’t hindered by the elements.

Two-way stretch woven fabrics: Stretch woven fabrics enhance agility and flexibility, to warrant complete freedom of movement. 

Breathability - Aeromesh panels ensure enhanced airflow and optimum breathability in key sweat zones. 

Moisture-wicking - AerTek technology keeps you cool in all conditions, wicking moisture away from the skin for rapid evaporation, during intense workouts. 

We chatted to the designers of the Apex collection to learn more about the key attributes and active benefits of the HIIT workout collection. Read on to learn more. 

What are the key product attributes and active benefits of the APEX collection?

The Apex range is engineered for breathability, mobility and protection. Fabrications have been selected for their breathable and quick-drying properties which are ideal for high summer training and HIIT gym workouts. Selected garments within the Apex collection have added water-resistant finishes for ultimate protection during outdoor pursuits. The collection also includes considered design decisions including; seam placements and two way fabrications which will enhance stretch to ensure total freedom of movement, from workout to cooldown. 

How do the chosen fabrications used in the APEX collection enhance performance?

Dual fabrications have been utilised in this range to ensure the garments fulfil all the athlete’s HIIT training needs. For example, the main fabrication used for the T-shirt and Quarter-zip is a dual density jacquard fabric which reduces skin contact for improved comfort. We paired this with our Aeromesh fabrication at the back body of each of the garments to maximise breathability within the products. AerTek moisture-wicking fabrications guarantee all-workout-long comfort, no matter the climate. 

For the Gilet, we used dual fabrications to target mobility and weather protection using ProTek water-resistant technologies. We have used a stretchy interlock fabrication on the sleeves to warrant enhanced mobility and implemented wadded woven panels at the body for increased warmth and waterproofing. Reflective details promise visibility in low light settings, ideal for training out of hours. 

Talk us through the use of AEROMESH technology within the garments… 

Our Areomesh technology is a light-weight, quick drying aerated mesh fabrication which warrants  increased airflow within the garment. Aeromesh panelling provides enhanced breathability within a garment to keep the wearer cool and dry during intense workout. 

What inspired the aesthetics of the APEX collection?

The collection has been designed for high intensity training and this largely influenced the aesthetics of the collection. The main aim of the collection was to ensure optimum temperature regulation through maximising ventilation in key sweat zones by placing mesh panelling at the back shoulder blades - this created a visual identity for the range. All styles are suitable for outdoor usage with brand logos executed in reflective prints to ensure the wearer’s safety in low light settings.

What are the key product stories of the Women’s collection?

The Women’s collection follows the same ethos as the Men’s collection, breathable, lightweight, and functional. This ensures maximum comfort all-workout-long, from outdoor training to indoor HIIT classes. The womenswear collection features contrast panels to compliment the body, Aeromesh fabrications in key sweat areas and reflective taping for enhanced visibility in low light settings. The collection has been designed in outfits to offer complete solutions for each training session.


Don’t let anything get in the way of your performance - Shop Apex, our SS24 HIIT cardio workout clothing collection. 

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