Golf Swing Tips with Michael Dawson

Golf Swing Tips with Michael Dawson

Kristin Kennedy-Brown - March 28, 2024

Golf Content creator Michael Dawson is the face of our recent SS24 Golf Campaign. Read on as he shares his top tips on how to hit longer drives, as well as advice on how to hit a stinger.

How to Hit Longer Drives:

Tip number one - ensure you’re fully warmed up before you play - this means stretching and getting your body in the best possible state to hit the ball as far as possible. 

Tip number two - you want to create a big shoulder turn, this is going to engage all the muscles in our body, creating as much power down into the golf ball as possible. 

Top number three - most importantly, you want to be hitting the middle of the club consistently. When most people try to create longer drives, the arm gets long at the top and this creates a huge amount of dispersion, hitting shots left and right, meaning the ball is not going to go very far. So, instead when we set up the ball, you want to feel like we have a heavy barbell on your backs. Keep your legs and core engaged, and get ready to create as much power as possible. 

Try these tips for yourself the next time you go out and play. 

How to Hit a Stinger

Rule number one - ball position. Ensure you set that ball position slightly further back, and because of this, we're going to aim our feet slightly further left.

Tip number two - you need to keep your swing slightly shorter and more compact on the way back and on the way through. 

Tip number three - And lastly, through the ball you need to make sure you get your weight to the left side. This is going to deal off the club slightly and keep that ball nice and loud. 

Next time you’re out on the course, try it for yourself. 


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