AMC creates premium tennis apparel, fusing a traditional design ethos with advanced performance credentials to create garments of unparalleled style and quality. The brand is inspired by tennis styles of the late 70s and early 80s eras, a golden era when tennis style transcended the sport to become iconic across the globe. This distinct style has been lost to identikit designs from mass-market brands and AMC brings it back to the mainstream. 

AMC combines bold colour palettes, understated print patterns and retro-inspired detailing for a unique design aesthetic that appeals to both the heritage and modernity of the sport. The range comprises high performance fabrics sourced directly from family-owned Italian mills, manufactured in a technologically advanced, eco-friendly factory in Portugal.

Each style within the collection is named after a city where Andy won a tournament of particular meaning to him. The ethos behind AMC is to combine iconic designs celebrating the glory years of tennis, with advanced technical capabilities suitable for the high physical demands of the modern day player.