The benefit of wearing technical workout clothing

The benefit of wearing technical workout clothing

Team Castore - January 06, 2021

When putting on good, quality sportswear, the overarching goal of that piece and the basis of its design is to work for you while you do. Whilst the mental motivation and physical appearance come with that, when actually getting to your workout, you want it to be wearing pieces that make you feel safe, at ease and ready to hit every goal you’re aiming for.

We’ve outlined the basic criteria that you’ll want in any sportswear collection:

Comfort Matters

Loose activewear may catch on equipment, whereas overly tight ones may restrict your range of motion. The worst thing you can do is wear clothing or shoes that you aren’t comfortable when you hit the gym, being uncomfortable negatively impacts your performance and concentration. To prevent this, choose materials that don’t irritate the skin and ensure a freedom of movement to keep you focused on the task ahead.


Firm support 

The workout clothes you choose are supposed to add support and make exercising a bit more comfortable. The right kit will allow for the proper range of motion you need to complete your workout, no restrictions. Your workout clothes should be fitting you like a glove, that way there’s nothing holding you back.



Moisture Control

When you sweat during training, the cotton-based fabrics absorb this easily and retain the moisture…leaving you feeling wet, heavy and clingy. On the other hand, a sweat-wicking garment is made to be light, breathable and designed especially to keep you dry. With sweat-wicking technology, the excess moisture diminishes from your skin, leaving your body feeling fresh, dry and comfortable both throughout your most intense workout sessions and post-workout. This also prevent bacteria growth, meaning less smelly workout clothes!



Improved blood circulation and post-recovery

The benefits of workout clothing doesn’t stop at the workout itself, with properly fitted clothing the blood flow is stimulated and therefore lactic-acid build up is reduced, aiding a speedier recovery post-workout which means less painful, sore muscles.



Durability - Long-lasting workout clothes are an investment you’ll be willing to make. Quality workout gear is made to be just that, with durable compositions and high quality materials that allow you to get the most use out of it. Performance clothing, such as our Pro Tek Line, will last for a much longer time as it’s designed to keep up with you not only during your workouts but for every challenge and weather you take it through.



Protection - Your workout clothes should be doing more than just an item you throw on. Wether you exercise indoors, outdoors, in extreme weathers, you want to know that your kit is not only going to manage it, but will protect you from those environments. With winter approaching the protection will be focused on heat-retention and insulation without all of the weighted layers, which was the focus of our latest tees and jackets from the AW20 range.