How sportswear influences our thoughts and behaviours

How sportswear influences our thoughts and behaviours

Team Castore - December 15, 2020

With the uncertainty and content change that has occurred this year, it has been understandably difficult to keep up with fitness and finding the motivation to do so. To give us the best odds of finding our ‘why’ and getting the push to begin a consistent regime next year, we turned to the research to find out that it can be down to the clothing you wear that influences your willingness to move.

The science:

It has now been proven that wearing sportswear can in fact alter your ways of thinking and the actions that you take, and this is not limited to sportswear either. Called, “enclothed cognition”, this process explains the mental changes our mind goes through when we wear a certain type of clothing. Applied to sportswear specifically, when you dress as though you take part in fitness you become more interested in being fit, and when the clothes you wear make you feel and look good, you’ll be more willing to wear them over and over again.

It’s mostly about the symbolic meaning that is associated with a particular item of clothing when you wear it. When you wear the high-quality, long-lasting, muscle fitted and sweat-wicking materials that make you feel your best, the psychological effects that amp your confidence will provide you with a load of motivation to get you working out, as well as getting every use out of that investment. Athletic-specific clothing does more than just make you look good at the gym though: It’s specifically designed to fit into your lifestyle, inside and outside the gym.

Of course, just because you’ve stocked up on flexible trousers and breathable tees doesn’t mean you’ll become a slave to the gym. It will come into force much more easily if this workout clothing comes after you’ve already started thinking about adopting a moderately-successful routine, beginning with pushing yourself into a healthy, fitness-focused lifestyle. Moreover, the clothing that bridge the divide between activewear and loungewear, such as transitional pieces for both workouts and relaxing, means you’ll wear it more often, and by doing so, you might feel like going to the gym a little bit more often. 

When you work out, you usually go for activewear because you feel that it aids you during the workout. This is actually true, from the shape to its material, activewear can help you last longer and support your body into getting it to the shape you want it to be. Polyester for example can be found in a majority of workout fabrics and even in casual wear, making it perfect for transitional wear as it is one that you can easily pass off both in the gym and at home with it’s durable, wrinkle-free, lightweight and breathable properties. This allows you to work out to your heart’s content without feeling restricted.

Aside from just improving your confidence, wearing activewear can make you more active by:

  • Making active choices- Wearing activewear is associated with being active, so you tend to be more mindful about making healthy choices and to be more likely to exercise when wearing them.
  • Reducing your excuses - Once you’re wearing activewear, it’s easier to head to the gym/outdoors/park because you’re already dressed and ready to go.
  • Giving your brain a boost- You become more motivated, confident and energetic when you’re wearing activewear to workout, all of which actually help you to hit you targets which only motivates you to do the same again. 
  • Improving your active performance- Having properly fitted and supportive sportswear can improve your performance and make you less likely to get injured, and feeling secure that the in-built properties will enhance your performance and keep you safe could help outweigh any excuse of not working out.

So, if you’re tired of falling off the exercise routine, acknowledging that wearing activewear can actually make you more active may inspire you to make a few worthwhile investments.