Workouts for rainy days

Workouts for rainy days

Team Castore - January 19, 2021

When gyms close and you have to use your surroundings to perform a workout, a rainy day can seem like a barrier to getting it done, but that isn’t something that needs to get in the way of achieving your fitness goals, there are many other options.

Here are some workouts you can do whilst the weather isn’t as great outside, with no equipment required:

Ab workout - Short and sweet, an ab workout will quickly leave you feeling a burn, no little or equipment needed. Turn this into a full session or add it to the end of a full home-workout to get the most out of the day.

HITT workout - Staying indoors doesn’t mean you can’t up your heat rate and get a decent workout in. Even just 30 mins of a HITT workout brings amazing results and will leave you feeling energised very quickly. There are loads of videos and tutorials online that you can follow, or simply put on your favourite music and clear a small space on the floor.

Yoga - A little bit of yoga is the perfect pairing to a rainy day. As many have now come to find, holding powerful poses challenges your strength as well as your balance and will leave you feeling stronger than ever.  Yoga is also a perfect way to calm the mind and start or finish a cosy rainy day inside, which we could all do with right now.

Outdoor Running - While this may seem like something you shouldn’t be doing when it’s raining, it can actually be incredibly liberating. But, the rain is a brilliant way to help you keep cool on your run, so you won’t overheating and could even beat your personal best, just ensure you’re wearing quick-drying and wicking clothing!  Plus, the best feeling comes at the end of your workout when you get to have a hot shower and relax indoors knowing you’ve just took on a storm.

Resistance: When working out at home, a lot of people have turned to using resistance bands and accessory equipment to add extra tension and difficulty whilst the weights aren’t on-hand. So you can still make use of these on those rainy days and keep building muscle by taking up a resistance workout that can leave you as more as your usual gym workouts.

Give any of these a try while at home or on a rainy day, and see how effective they can still be in your routine while staying indoors.