International Women’s Day with Castore Head Office

International Women’s Day with Castore Head Office

Kristin Kennedy-Brown - March 08, 2024

Happy International Women's Day - today we're celebrating the athletes, colleagues, and loved ones within our circle. Today, we hosted a panel with the authentic and fearless Women in our team, to commemorate the achievements of our community, spotlighting the stories of those who have pushed past their edges. In elevating others, we inspire everyone within our community to strive for their personal best, creating a powerful cycle of aspiration and achievement.

Our International Women’s Day Brunch panel was hosted by sports and entertainment presenter, Neha Navekar, who is a Sports and Entertainment Presenter, known for presenting the third round draw for the Women’s FA Cup.

Neha chatted to the inspiring and iconic women in our work place about the women who inspire them the most, and the advice we can give to women in business. Read on to hear some of what they had to say...

Which women inspires you the most and why?

“Sharmadean Reid. She is not only the founder of Beauty Stack and the Stack World. She's also a creative powerhouse, and creative consultant and a writer. She actively champions gender equity in the workplace. And she empowers women, particularly creating space for them to network, to share experiences, and seek mentorship.

The Stock World is a platform that she's created for women to learn from other powerful women and kind of seek how to navigate certain spaces - she gives a lot of advice on how female entrepreneurs, in particular female entrepreneurs of colour can break into certain spaces, and get access to certain areas to seek funding and support when they need it, which is great.”

What advice would you give to woman in business?

"Be really clear and confident in what you want. There’s a really great company called the Female Lead. Theres a part on their called the One Entitled Mindset - it’s about us having that confidence to really think about where we want to go, it teaches us to remember that there isn't a ceiling, you're putting that ceiling on yourself. So it's taking that confidence and inspiring people around you. So please go and have a look at the female lead - super empowering."

"I used to be quite shy about possibly speaking up, and I think it's only when you start speaking, that you realise people actually have similar thoughts - and speaking up means you can actually change something."