Winter fitness clothing: Everything you need to workout in the cold

Winter fitness clothing: Everything you need to workout in the cold

Team Castore - December 15, 2020

Exercising outdoors is a freedom a lot of people enjoy, whether that’s just a casual stroll or an intense cycle, it’s a way to keep the mind clear and the endorphins up. With the dark winter mornings and nights now in, it’s more important than ever to consider the extra precautions that will allow you to keep hitting every workout, whatever the weather.

Along with the darker nights comes the colder weather, and wrapping up in the right fitness gear will be essential for a successful and safe workout. Being insulated but not overheating, having grip without being weighed down and keeping warm without being restricted, these are the things to ensure for a workout in the cold.

Below are our selects for your winter workout essentials:

Jackets - If you’re planning on enjoying refreshing walks in the crisp, wintery outdoors, you’ll need a jacket that will keep you warm without causing you to overheat. You lose body heat very quickly by getting wet, and getting wet will quickly leave you miserable and wanting to cut your workout short. It’s then becomes essential to keep your outer layers water-proof with a jacket that will resist the weather without slowing you down.

Tested on the athletes that need them, this jacket’s reviews assured that this piece withstood the chilled temperatures:


Gloves - There’s nothing worse than numb, frozen fingers when training outside. With fleece lining to keep hands warm, these gloves will ensure you can easily keep your hands free and moving:


Socks - Alongside your hands, your toes are affected most by chilly temperatures because less blood is left available to the hands and feet. But even in cold weather you need breathable fabrics, especially when it comes to your socks. They must be comfortable, quick-drying and provide support for your ankle. With our athletes in mind, our performance socks are designed for running, with cushioning and ventilation in all the right places, while ensuring your toes won’t go frozen.


Trousers - It’s not only your top half that needs the extra warmth, your legs do too, especially to avoid cramping up in the cold and reducing sore muscles. If you prefer a jogger-style trouser to keep knees, shins and ankles out of the cold, we’d recommend these…ideal in both cold or wet weather to protect your skin.


Other tips:

  • Keep hydrated
  • Remove layers as you heat up
  • Do a warm up first