Castore Takes the The British Grand Prix

Castore Takes the The British Grand Prix

Emma Cole - July 10, 2023

As the highly anticipated British Grand Prix at Silverstone approached, we had the incredible opportunity to embark on a behind-the-scenes adventure alongside F1 influencer Eleanor Bethan. Our mission was to explore the unseen areas of the iconic Silverstone track. Read on to learn more about what we got up to…

Our journey commenced at the Castore x Silverstone megastore, where we were surrounded by a vast array of merchandise that was being stocked up for the grand prix. The store has an impressive selection of F1 team merchandise, Silverstone's own range crafted by Castore, as well as Castore's own mainline products. Eleanor, an avid McLaren fan, was truly impressed by the impeccable quality of our replica team wear.

Our next destination was the pit lanes, where the heart-stopping action unfolds as cars race in for fast pit stops before resuming their race. We strolled along the length of the pit stop lane astounded at the fact that it takes, on average, a mere 28 seconds for each of the cars to enter the pit, and exit. 

We proceeded to the start/finish line, the ground where cars position themselves, eagerly awaiting the moment the lights go out, signalling the start of the race. Taking a seat at pole position, we reminisced about previous races that had unfolded on this legendary circuit. It was intriguing to note that no British Grand Prix at Silverstone had ever witnessed the top three grid positions finishing the race in the same order they started. However, this time, Max Verstappen, Lando Norris, and Oscar Piastri commenced in P1, P2, and P3, respectively. Amidst a nail-biting battle, Lewis Hamilton managed to overtake Piastri due to the release of a safety car, securing his spot on the podium for his home race.

Our next stop was the podium itself, which, at the time, appeared somewhat bare as the meticulous preparations were underway for the momentous day. Standing on top of the podium, we gazed down upon the area that would soon be teeming with many British fans on Sunday. It was truly magical to imagine the fully adorned podium, with three proud drivers walking up before an excited crowd, eagerly awaiting their well-deserved trophies.

Our final destination was the exclusive paddock, a VIP haven that very few people ever had the privilege of seeing. We ascended to the balcony, beholding the breathtaking view that the guests would enjoy on race day. From this vantage point, we had a perfect view of the Hamilton straight and a bird's-eye view of the pit lane, where VIPs could witness the captivating pit stops up close. Concluding our behind-the-scenes tour, we strolled around the track, observing the empty stands, knowing they would soon be filled with thousands of passionate fans. It was a proud moment for the Castore team, as at Silverstone this year we admired the sea of individuals proudly sporting McLaren and Oracle Red Bull Racing with the latest products we have unveiled.

Exploring the hidden gems of the Silverstone Grand Prix with Eleanor Bethan was an unforgettable experience. From the megastore to the incredible pit lane, the iconic start/finish line, the awe-inspiring podium, and the privileged vantage point of the paddock, we witnessed the behind-the-scenes efforts in action that makes the Silverstone Grand Prix an extraordinary event. As the stands stood empty, we could already anticipate the sound of the crowd that would fill the air in just a week's time. Silverstone had never felt more alive with two British drivers making it to the podium, and the echoes of Castore's proud British merchandise resonated throughout, symbolising a memorable celebration of motorsport and fandom.