Mindset in Sport: An Interview with Stephen Fraser

Mindset in Sport: An Interview with Stephen Fraser

Kristin Kennedy-Brown - November 24, 2023

As we enter the new year, it's time to face 2024 with a mindset refresh. Prioritising confidence and commitment to achieving our goals and letting go of the things that no longer serve us.

To begin our mindset series, we chatted to Castore athlete, PT and, owner of FIITPRINCIPLE, Stephen Fraser on mindset, staying focused, combating stress and more - here’s what he had to say. 

We want to talk to you about mindset in sport, what is your advice for motivating your mind to achieve your fitness goals?

Mindset and changing behaviours is where any fitness goal starts. The same steps can apply to someone just starting out or seasoned pro taking on a big challenge - it is important to know when to look at the big picture and also know when to just focus on the next task in hand. I love blue sky thinking and coming up with the next crazy challenge I want to do as it creates excitement within my regime. The key is understanding how to reverse engineer that big idea into daily manageable tasks to get there. 

What are your tips for staying focused and creating consistency?

Starting small and often is a perfect way to build consistency into your routine. I also note how the task makes me feel pre, during and post activity as a way to understand how it can benefit or hinder my life. This can be a good way to create focus and lean into things you enjoy or conversely, stop doing things that don’t serve you. 

How can we use exercise to combat stress?

The benefits of exercise on reducing stress are well documented. From the reduction in levels of the body's stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol to the production of endorphins to improve our mood. For me what makes exercise really useful for combating stress is the ability to apply stress to the body in an intentional, controlled way. This allows our body and mind to help build a level of resilience so we can cope slightly better when moments of unplanned stress occur. 

What was your main motivation for starting the FITT Principle?

After not feeling fulfilled in a previous career, I decided to move into the fitness world. I love helping people and having even a 1% influence to open their world up to how exercise can aid their life is the fulfilment I lacked in my previous career. I love it. 

Can you talk to us about your podcast ‘Moving Minds, Freeing Bodies’?

So, the podcast contains 2 seasons of amazing discussions with athletes, coaches, psychologists and experts in fields of wellness to break down specific topics into perfect takeaways people can apply to their own lives. I’m in the process of recording season 3 so that should be out on all streaming services very soon. 

What is the one motto you live by?

Challenge yourself. Explore the world. Do cool shit.