The Light Collection: Reflective Technical Activewear

The Light Collection: Reflective Technical Activewear

Kristin Kennedy-Brown - November 01, 2023

The Light collection - designed for athletes that never stop. 

Crafted with ventilation and breathability at the forefront, Light encourages wearers to push the limits of what they are capable of. Allowing you to step outside your comfort zone and test the limits of your mind. 

Our collection of reflective technical activewear is precision crafted to enhance low-light training sessions - so you can put in the work after hours. Whether it's HIIT before sunrise or sprints after dark, the light collection supports those working hard in the shadows. Collection highlights include; enhanced reflective detailing, agile silhouettes, and weather shielding fabrics that ensure nothing gets in the way of performance. 

Interview With Designer of the Light Collection:

When did the design process for the Light collection begin?

The design process for Light began in October 2022.

What was the aesthetic influence for the design work of Light?

The human form in motion played a vital part in the inspiration for this range. Garments were designed with anatomic cutlines that follow the form of the body. Linear framing details such as the reflective seam taping were added to accentuate the athletes form and agility.

What inspired the Light collection?

The collection was inspired by the relentless athlete, whose training sessions begin before sunrise or after dark.

What are the key product highlights of the Light collection?

The key product highlights in this range are the reflective details that offer visibility to the wearer in low light setting and the thermoregulating features, such as the mesh panels that sit in the key sweat zones on the body.

How does the Light collection allow consumers to problem solve, step outside their comfort zone and explore new challenges?

Every detail in this range has been considered for the athlete to succeed. The technical details provide the wearer with protection, improved mobility and thermoregulating functions so that the athlete can focus on their game without any distractions. This allows them to push the limits of what they are capable of. 

What is the standout product from the Light collection?

The Light Weight Running Jacket features a water-resistant finish and all-over reflective print giving the wearer full visibility in low light settings. The jacket also features reflective brands logos and framing print at the shoulders. The back body features a vented panel for perspiration to exit the garment, ensuring the core body temperature is efficiently regulated.

How did you decide what you wanted to include in the Light collection?

The setting for this collection was dark nights and cold condition so protection and security play a big part in the product details. Thumb and watch holes are integrated into the half zip top, along with media and key pocket providing the wearer with secure storage for their personal items.

An interview with our creative team on shoot inspiration:

What inspired the creative direction for the Light shoot?

Light is all about reflectivity. We wanted to create a contrast of isolating the reflective sections whilst putting them next to energetic movement shots of full coloured product. Highlighting its core USP and showcasing the product in its true form as the same time.

Can you tell us a little bit about why you chose the shoot location?

We chose to shoot in a studio to be able to control lighting to granular levels, experimenting on set to find the perfect balance of highlighting reflectivity in one treatment, and also creating a beautifully lit second treatment to showcase movement and product colour.

Talk us through the graphic treatment…

I was very inspired by the reflective grid pattern as seen on the Gillet and the Hybrid Jacket’s outer fabric, I wanted to weave this through the campaign artwork as it gave the a solid base for design.  It feels technical but also structured for flexibility among modular layouts.


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