Everything you need to know about the AMC collection

Everything you need to know about the AMC collection

Kristin Kennedy-Brown - July 10, 2023

For some athletes, normal rules don’t apply. 

Introducing the AMC collection. To begin, what does AMC stand for? Andy Murray Castore. 

Why AMC?

Andy Murray is known to be one of the most successful British Tennis players in history. His success ended Britain’s 77 year wait for a home grown male Wimbledon champion, winning 3 grand slam titles, two Olympic gold medals, and leading Britain to Davis Cup Glory - he transcended tennis, becoming one of the most admired and respected athletes on the planet. 

AMC Ethos?

AMC combines iconic designs that celebrate the glory years of tennis with technical capabilities suitable for the most demanding modern day players. 

Every AMC product is the result of an uncompromising search for the marginal details that allow garments to outperform when it matters the most. Utilising patented fabrics and rigorous testing by elite athletes, we leave no stone unturned in creating products that are technically superior to anything else in the sportswear market. 

Through bold colour palettes, understated print patterns and retro-inspired detailing, the AMC collection presents a unique design aesthetic that appeals to both the heritage and modernity of the sport. All garments are sculpted from performance fabrics sourced directly from family-owned Italian mills and manufactured in technologically advanced, eco-friendly factories.

As well as creating high quality tennis clothing, AMC also exists as a champion of tennis participation across the world. We support an increasing number of regular tennis players through direct investment in grassroots tennis, community building across the sport and the creation of inspiring content. 

‘I work with the AMC designers on every piece, with technical performance at the heart of the process. It’s important that the kit performs under the toughest conditions. I really enjoy testing it, giving my feedback and being part of the design process.’ 



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