Adam Peaty believes you’ve got to enjoy what you do. It’s the only way you’ll be willing to put in the hard work and the hours. The only way you’ll maintain the desire and focus to become the best. Better Never Stops means finding new ways to continually improve, every single day.  


As a new dad I find that my son and my family are the most important things. I want to stand on the podium, and then my son can look back on it when he’s older and he can say “that’s my dad, and I’m so proud of him”. That’s a huge huge motivation for me.


I love what I do because it’s challenging. It’s literally like a game for me. And if you put the chess pieces in the right place, you come out with a really good performance. The chase for perfection. That’s what I’m addicted to, and what I love most. 

“The advice I’d always give to aspiring athletes is to always enjoy it. Without enjoyment everything becomes a chore. And to make it to the Olympic Games you won’t get there without enjoying it. So don’t waste time on something you don’t enjoy…” 


One of the biggest rules I live by is making sure I always give 110% effort. In an individual sport you can’t afford to give less. And that extra 10% is to get that extra edge. To do that bit extra. The things others forget. Like stretching before sleep. Hydration. Everything that can help me perform.