Now Live // Castore x McLaren Performance Collection

Now Live // Castore x McLaren Performance Collection

Kristin Kennedy-Brown - February 29, 2024

Just launched the Castore x McLaren Performance Collection. Designed for optimum execution, the Performance collection has been meticulously designed to accompany your journey to better. Allowing wearers to push boundaries and defy the elements without compromising on style. 

The Performance wear collection showcases a combination of two contrasting fabrics that offer tactile interest for comfort and style, as well as a range of performance enhancing benefits. High elastane stretch membranes ensure enhanced freedom of movement within the garments, while mesh panelling offers increased breathability as you move through your workout. 

We caught up with the designers of the Performance collection at Castore to learn more about the technical features involved in the collection and the key product stories. Read on to learn more...

Talk us through the technical attributes used in the McLaren performance collection…

A premium collection of Castore x McLaren merchandise designed and created with performance in mind. Carefully developed with technical sportswear fabrics and trims for the wearer to perform at their best. Technical attributes include; performance enhancing fabrics, breathable technologies, ergonomic body panelling, reflective details, and pockets for added convenience.

What is the key product in the collection across both the women’s and men’s - and why?

The Castore x McLaren Performance collection is a Unisex range with 3 bespoke women’s items. The performance mid layer, sweatshirt, windbreaker and socks are all unisex lines. The women's wear vest and leggings are crafted to be worn as a matching set. The Performance rain jacket available in both men’s and women's sizes. The women’s jacket includes a drawcord at the waist for cinching in, this detail differs to a men’s fit jacket. 

The Castore x McLaren clothing Performance collection now available online now.