Just Launched: The McLaren Teamwear Launch

Just Launched: The McLaren Teamwear Launch

Kristin Kennedy-Brown - February 06, 2024

Introducing the Castore X McLaren Formula 1 Teamwear Collection – a fusion of unparalleled function and exquisite form. This collection meticulously optimizes the craftsmanship and attention to detail synonymous with both vehicle and apparel design. Crafted for every fan, it embodies innovation, creativity, and is tailored for supreme comfort and functionality.​

​Discover technical product attributes such as laser-cut eyelets that amplify breathability, a timeless fit for versatile wear, and forward-facing side seams that create a sleek and streamlined silhouette. Explore the future of teamwear – more innovative, more inventive, and uniquely designed for the McLaren Formula 1 team and fans alike.​

When did the design process for the McLaren Replica collection begin?

The design process starts two years before the kit is released. We start the design process off with three separate design concepts, once we have briefed in the three different directions, the design team will then go off and design 3 different concepts for the team kit - this will include outfit builds and 3D cads. Once presented McLaren will pick one and the design team will proceed into design the rest of the kit, this also includes carry ons if any from the previous year. In the end, McLaren picked the brief that focused on performance.

What is the Replica kit specifically designed for?

Replica of key styles from the team kit range, utilising technical fabrications. Core product for any McLaren fan to celebrate the team off the track.

Talk us through the technical attributes used in the McLaren Teamwear collection…

The McLaren Teamwear collection features practical pockets, tailored panelling, colour blocking modern designs and technical fastenings. 

Talk us through the Formula E Teamwear Kit…

The Formula E Teamwear Kit comes in the same fabric as the Teamwear kit, taking key styles from the McLaren team kit range, utilising technical fabrications. Core product for any McLaren fan to celebrate the team off the track, this range only includes 3 products a polo shirt, set up t-shirt and quarter zip – the kit it slightly different by moving the colour block on the reverse side to the replica kit. 

Formula E is the world’s first all-electric championship. It’s mission is to promote sustainable mobility and to drive electric vehicles to forefront in the face to a better, cleaner future.

Talk us through the Extreme E Teamwear range …

This is a four-product range including replica polo shirt, replica set up t-shirt, replica quarter zip top and replica hooded sweat.

Extreme E is the newest branch to McLaren’s racing catalogue, the team behind Formula E has taken electric racing to the next level with SUVS and futuristic technology in the world’s most remote & extreme environments.

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