Legacies Aren’t Handed Out They are Smashed: An Interview with Jos Buttler

Legacies Aren’t Handed Out They are Smashed: An Interview with Jos Buttler

Kristin Kennedy-Brown - September 25, 2023

Hard-hitting batsman and wicket keeper, Jos Buttler was appointed England white ball captain and global superstar in late 2022, after he led the Three Lions to T20 World Cup glory in Australia. 

Jos first grabbed the headlines at the age of 19 after his victorious 2010 season with Somerset, today his right-hand bat scoring ability continues to remain in high demand around the world. 

Known to be one of the world’s most explosive batters, Jos is capable of scooping a 156 kph delivery with ease. 

Jos Buttler, England Cricket Player, said: “I’m delighted to work with Castore on its latest campaign for the ICC Cricket World Cup. The brand’s ethos of ‘Better Never Stops’ is a huge inspiration to me and something that I already carry forward in every game that I play.

“I always try to push myself to the limit and I hope this comes across in every game that I play.

“I’m really hoping to inspire the next generation of cricket players. For anyone starting out in their career, my main piece of advice would be to stay motivated and give it your all – hard work and perseverance pays off.”

Tom Beahon, Castore co-founder, said: “We’re incredibly excited to announce the extension to our Summer of Sport – our biggest brand campaign to date – and showcase even more incredible sports that we’re supporting.

“Jos Buttler is one of the world’s most explosive batters and has an undeniable passion and motivation for his sport, which is why we’re delighted to collaborate with him as he inspires the next generation of sports fans and players, all while proving that better never stops with Castore."

“This is an exciting time for our brand as we continue to involve both our product offering and our partnerships with athletes and clubs. We hope that our teams, sporting professionals and customers enjoy the latest phase of our Summer of Sport and get behind the global calendar of matches and games that continues long after the sunny months have typically ended here in the UK.”

We caught up with Jos Buttler to learn a little bit more about his journey into Cricket, the challenges he has faced in his career, and his secret to staying motivated. Read on to learn more. 

Tell us a bit about your journey into cricket? When/where did it all begin?

I got into cricket by going along to watch my brother play and wanting to join in. I would always be playing on the boundary edge during his games and would be a willing sub fielder if ever there was a chance. Some of my fondest memories are then learning to play the game at home in the garden, on the patio. Myself and my brother would make up our own little games against each other pretending to be our favourite players.

What is your team approach to fitness and exercise? Is there a fixed plan, does every player have a specific training schedule?

Every player has their own gym programme that is specific to them and their skill set. For example my workouts as a wicket keeper batsmen will differ to a fast bowler. I like to sit down with the strength and conditioning coach and workout a monthly schedule with a day-by-day plan. This will vary depending on how many matches I am playing to ensure I get enough recovery time.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced in your career so far? How do you rise above setbacks and push boundaries?

I think the biggest challenges I faced were stepping up into international cricket. For a while, I doubted if I was good enough for that level and whether I belonged at that level when I was younger. Through hard work and perseverance I managed to overcome those initial anxieties and after a particular performance I remember thinking that I did belong there. I think I have learnt that hard work and resilience will always serve me well.

You have created your own legacy. What is your secret to staying motivated? How do you channel a winning mentality?

I am ultra-competitive. I always want to compete to try and win - a lot of the time that is competing against myself. Can I improve? What can I do better? Can I do it again? These are all questions that motivate me to always want more and there is great synergy there with Castore’s tagline of, Better Never Stops!

Finally, what is your favourite Castore product?

My favourite Castore products are the golf polos and Metropolis chinos. I like to spend my downtime playing golf and these make me look the part even if I don’t play well! 


Legacies aren’t handed out, they are smashed. BETTER NEVER STOPS