Built Different - Behind the Apex Collection

Built Different - Behind the Apex Collection

Kristin Kennedy-Brown - August 23, 2023

Every journey begins with resistance, yet through discipline and consistency we transcend boundaries and discover our utmost potential. Embody both mental and physical endurance with the Apex collection. Crafted with temperature regulation at the forefront, our breathable tech ensures ventilation in key sweat zones for optimal comfort and freedom of movement. While reflective features warrant wearers safety in low light settings for around the clock training. This adaptable and transeasonal range assists you in your relentless pursuit to focus your mind and unearth your potential. 

The Design Journey: Meet the Design Team

We caught up with designer Joni Munday to talk through the inspiration behind the Apex Collection. The design process first began late last year for the launch of the collection this September.

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What are the biggest aesthetic influences in your design work? 

The biggest aesthetic influence in my work often starts with the Athlete, and the Apex range is a great example of this. Every product we design at Castore must be fit for purpose, in the Apex range I wanted to ensure the athlete could regulate their temperature efficiently. Therefore, I maximised ventilation in the key sweat zones by placing mesh panelling at the back shoulder blades which has become the visual identity of the Apex range. The signature mesh Apex panelling features on the Short sleeve t-shirt and the ¼ Zip long Sleeve Top. We also built a ventilated panel onto the Woven Jacket in the same position so that perspiration can exit the body efficiently and allow the wearer to regulate their temperature. On the Joggers, we targeted ventilation with mesh panels placed at the lower leg.

What inspired the Apex collection?

The athlete’s environment played a large role in the overall outlook of this collection. The Apex range has been designed for outdoor usage, so the athlete’s safety in low light settings was a priority. Therefore, I built 360 visibility into the garments with the reflective Castore logo’s and contrast printed stripes that frame the garment.

What are the key product highlights of the Apex collection?

The fabrication used on the t-shirt and quarter zip is a highlight in this range, the fabrics dual density has been developed to reduce skin contact and maximise breathability within the garment. The hybrid gilet is another highlight as it features stretch side panels enabling freedom of movement and water-resistant woven fabric in the body panels to keep the athlete dry in unpredictable conditions.

How does the Apex collection allow consumers to problem solve, step outside their comfort zone and explore new challenges?

Every element in this range has been designed with the athlete’s needs in mind. The fit, fabrication and seam placement has been considered for optimal comfort and freedom of movement. The lightweight and breathable fabrics used across the range ensures the Athlete stays cool and dry no matter the intensity of their workout or changes to their environment.

What is the standout product of the Apex collection?

The Apex t-shirt is the standout summer training item, the lightweight fabric is engineered for breathability, so the wearer is guaranteed to feel cool and confident throughout their workout.

How did you decide what you wanted to include within the collection?

The fundamentals of any training range are breathability and freedom of movement, so the fabric, fit and style lines were considered for this purpose. We also wanted the Apex range to be adaptable, so product features were included to enable the athlete to transition from different environments. For example, the quarter zip styling on the Airex top means the athlete can regulate their temperature without ruining their stride. 


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