An Interview with Castore Athlete and Boxer Niall Brown

An Interview with Castore Athlete and Boxer Niall Brown

Kristin Kennedy-Brown - December 05, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the signing of boxer Niall Brown as our latest Castore Athlete. Niall Brown is an undefeated 26 year old boxer from Stockport. We caught up with Niall ahead of his fight on the 16th December to talk about his journey into boxing, winning mentality and success. Read on to learn more about what he had to say...

You were formerly a Muay Thai fighter, can you tell us a little bit about your journey into boxing?

My last fight in Muay Thai was against the UK No.1 fighter, who had been ranked number one for the previous 3 years. I won that fight via 3rd round KO. Shortly after that fight COVID hit. I stayed in the gym, stayed training and stayed sharp. Realistically, I lost 2 years of my fighting career. I was training at Collyhurst and Moston, with Pat Barrett, to sharpen my hands for Thai boxing. I fell in love with boxing and with Pat’s guidance, I could see a clear path to becoming a full time professional athlete. My number one goal has always been to look after my family. Pat believed in me and gave me the opportunity to become a pro. I believe I can go to the very top and ultimately look after the people closest to me.

Who would you say has been the biggest inspiration in your career?

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the guidance and mentorship of Grand Master Sken. The time he spent nurturing my mindset and honing my skills has proven to be vital in my career progression. That being said, I take inspiration from all of the best fighters and coaches in the game. Master Sken used to say “take what is useful and discard what is useless”. I live my life like this and look to draw inspiration from a range of people. Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns, Mayweather and Terrance Crawford, to name a few. I keep a keen eye on all martial arts and used to love researching all the Golden Era Thai fighters like Samart Payakaroon and Burklek and how they used to fight. 

More recently with my transition to boxing, Pat Barrett has been an inspiration and really shown me the possibilities within boxing. Learning from a world class fighter turned world class coach has had so many benefits on my boxing career. The knowledge Pat has of every facet of the Boxing game stands his fighters in great stead. It’s fantastic to learn the business of boxing straight from someone who’s been around the block like Pat. 

What would you say has been the biggest setback in your career and how did you rise above it?

Life as a fighter constantly has ups and downs. It’s a difficult life to stay consistent, dedicated and thriving to be the best you can be. There are always small set backs… injuries, financial issues and obviously loosing fights. There are also small victories that are just as important.

You are undefeated… What does success mean to you?

Success is the combination of a lot of dedication, discipline and determination. There is nothing like winning. Testing yourself and skills against someone who has trained their hardest to beat you and knock you out is the ultimate test. I’m in this to be Number 1.

How do you channel a winning mentality?

I’ve had fantastic mentors in my career. Both Master Sken and Pat focus a lot on the mental preparation side of fighting. That being said I always been focussed about what I want in life. 

How are you feeling for your fight on the 16th of December?

I’ve been out of the ring for 7 months with an injury so I’m excited. Ready to rumble. I’ve been working on a lot of different weapons while injured so I’m excited to express myself in there.

What does the next 5 years look like for you?

This fight game is short. You’ve got to be all in and prepared to go to the top. In 5 years I see world titles, stadium fights, my Mum and family comfortable.