I Have to Win for My Family - They Are the Reason I Won’t Allow Myself to Fail. An Interview with Boxer Joe Cordina

I Have to Win for My Family - They Are the Reason I Won’t Allow Myself to Fail. An Interview with Boxer Joe Cordina

Kristin Kennedy-Brown - October 23, 2023

Welsh professional boxer, two-time super-featherweight world champion and Castore athlete - Joe Cordina currently stands undefeated with 16 wins, 0 loses and 0 draws. We caught up with Joe ahead of his fight in Monaco on the 4th November against Edward Vazque. We chatted through everything from fight preparations to channeling a winning mentality. Read on to learn more. 

How did it feel to reclaim your title in your win against Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov with a breath-taking victory back in April?

It felt truly amazing - to have the title taken away from me in the circumstances that it was and then for me to reclaim it against such a tough champion in my home city of Cardiff. In front of my supporters just meant so much. 

How are you preparing for your fight against Edward Vazque on the 4th November?

My camps are gruelling and tough, Tony my trainer along with Dan Lawrence my performance coach and nutritionist put me through the mill. This camp has been a long 14 weeks but it will all be worth it come fight night. 

You’re fighting in Monaco, where you overcame Mario Enrique Tinoco in 2019 – how does it feel to be back fighting in Monte Carlo?

It’s great to be back in Monaco to fight to be honest, it's a unique atmosphere as the fight takes place in the famous casino. It is a very quiet surreal atmosphere - this doesn’t bother me too as during my long career as an amateur fighting for both Wales and team GB this was often the case.

You remain undefeated with 16 wins - What is your main motivation for what you do?

I want to unify the super featherweight division with a big fight in Cardiff, possibly at Cardiff Arms Park or an outdoor venue. Being a world champion is one thing, but unifying at divisions is what makes champions even greater. 

How do you channel a winning mentality?

This one’s simple really, I have to win for my family, they are everything to me and everything I do is for them. They are the reason I won’t allow myself to fail.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Hit but don’t get hit is what I base my style around. My hand speed and footwork help me to control the range and I’ve demonstrated - I have a KO power to take anyone out with a punch. 


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