What to wear on a golf course

What to wear on a golf course

Amon Fearon - June 20, 2022

Golfing has a long-standing reputation for being a prestigious sport that is popular around the world, for casual players and pros alike. Knowing what to wear to play golf can help you not only with club entry but to drive performance too. Here’s our ultimate guide on golf attire depending on the club, weather and accessories you might need to master the course.


Is there a dress code for golf clubs?

There isn’t one standard rule for dress codes at golf clubs, it all depends on the individual club. Some, for example, are fine with you wearing jeans whereas others wouldn’t allow it. If in doubt, chino shorts or trousers and a polo shirt are the universally accepted standard. You can always contact the club directly to ask about their dress code if you’re unsure and can’t find anything online. 

It’s also worth noting that some clubs may have different dress codes for the course and the clubhouse. If the club you’re visiting has a spike bar, you can walk straight off the course and into the clubhouse in your spiked golf shoes. If not, they may require you to change into something else, such as the chinos and polo shirt combo with some alternative shoes that won't damage floor surfaces.

Clubhouses may also have different dress codes depending on the time of day. These are usually more casual during the day and formal at night. But again, it’s best to check out the rules of each clubhouse before turning up unprepared.


Golf polo shirts

Polo shirts are essential for any golfer, not only are they part of the all-around look, but they are also perfect for performance too. The right polo shirt for you should sit comfortably around your arms and torso which allow for plenty of mobility to allow you to achieve the perfect movement of your golf swing.

High-quality golf polo shirts should be made with details that perform. Polyester fabrics that are lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable make for ideal golf tops. This keeps you cool, dry and in the right headspace to always play at your best.

Sports performance wear has come along in leaps and bounds in the past few years, which means there is far more choice in golf polo shirts. But if you want to be top of your game, there's nothing like the golf apparel worn by Castore athlete and 2022 US Open winner, Matt Fitzpatrick.

 Matt Fitzpatrick holding winners trophy at the golf US Open

Matt Fitzpatrick with the US Open trophy - Sun 19 Jun 2022

Man in mist Castore Vita golf quarter zip Peacoat navy long sleeve golf polo shirt

Shop the golf clothing collection as worn by Matt Fitzpatrick. 

Golf chino trousers

Chinos are the standard trouser of choice for golf players and for good reason. They provide you with ultimate comfort and flexibility on the green with the added benefit of modern fabrics for all-weather playing.

 Plus, golf chinos are specially designed for the sport which means most chinos will have added benefits you won’t find on standard chinos from the high street. For example, temperature regulating properties and high-stretch fabrics.


Premium performance grey Nevis chinos worn by Matt Fitzpatrick. Available In Peacoat blue and Onyx black.

Stone Castore smart golf chino trousers

Smart stone chino trousers with a peacoat long sleeve bonded polo.

 Golf chino shorts

While chino trousers are the preferred option for many golfers in the UK, there are strokes of luck with hotter days. And if you’re a seasoned golfer, you may be playing at a course abroad in a hot climate. So, what are your options?

 Golf chino shorts are the perfect alternative. They offer all the same benefits as golf chinos but are, of course, shorter for better airflow and comfort in warm weather. However, some clubs may have certain rules surrounding the length of golf shorts. For example, most clubs will have a rule stating that golf chino shorts should be no more than four inches above or below the knee. Although, this can vary depending on the club.

 Castore Nevis chino shorts are thermoregulating for even the hottest days. Created with a tailored fit to be lightweight, these shorts make traversing the golf course a breeze. Importantly, they come with secure popper pockets to keep belongings safe while playing.

 Grey golf chino shorts

Golf gilet or jackets

Just as there are rules for summer wear, there are also suggestions on what to wear when the weather turns. If you mostly play in the UK, you’ll want to invest in some good waterproof golf jackets and gilets.

A standard waterproof jacket may pose a few problems for golfers as their heavy weight and lack of mobility can hinder performance. Instead, look to buy golf jackets and golf gilets designed specifically for the sport as these will allow for the full range of motion and a better swing. It’s no good spending lots of money on a fashionable jacket only to find when you’re teeing off you can’t get the right movement.

 Man in Castore white golf gilet

Your golf gilet or jacket should be waterproof to keep you dry in wet weather as well as windproof to protect you from wintery gales. If you’re uncomfortable, you’ll struggle to play at your best. So, always make sure you’ve got the right amount of performance layers that are driven by innovation to enable you to give your competition a run for their money.

Navy Castore golf jacket with white pads on outer chest

 Shoes and socks for golf

When it comes to shoes, you’ll want to invest in ones made especially for golf. Golf shoes are typically made with hard rubber soles or non-metal spikes, sometimes called ‘soft’ spikes - nothing like the cleats you’d find on football shoes. It’s down to personal preference as to which type of shoes to wear.

Some golfers vouch that soft spike shoes give them a better stance and stability when swinging whereas others prefer the flat feeling underfoot. If you’re new to golf try both to see which feels right for you.

Golf shoes are really important as they protect the integrity of the green. So, regular shoes or shoes with cleats meant for different sports could tear up or ruin the course. 

In terms of socks, just as with any sport, like hiking or running, some socks can help aid your performance. If wearing shorts, most golfers choose to wear trainer socks, short athletic socks, or ankle-length socks. With longer chinos, the go-to is usually full-length or crew socks. Either way, pick socks made for sports as these will be made with fabrics that help you to stay comfortable for longer. Castore sports socks have moisture-wicking and anti-odour properties to keep your feet dry and happy. These breathable performance socks come with zonal support to enhance comfort.

Castore x Reiss performance socks


Golf caps are usually worn dependent on the weather. While out on the green during summer, you're exposed to long periods of sun so hats become essential for protection. There’s nothing worse than burning or getting too hot while playing a game.

The white ghost cap helps to reflect sunlight and features new stretch mesh fabric that allows extra ventilation, as well as enhanced fit. Its water-resistant, fast-drying, and moisture-wicking properties cover you in the event of a weather change. 

A lot of professional golfers wear caps as part of sponsorship deals no matter the weather. So, you don’t need to wear a cap to play golf all year round unless it's a stylistic choice. Consider a woolly beanie instead if you're met with cold weather.

White Castore cap for golf
The ghost cap 2.0 is designed for performance and lifestyle.