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Ultimate women’s gym leggings guide

Amon Fearon - October 31, 2022

The leggings you wear to the gym aren’t just about making you look good; they should make you perform and feel good too. Buying see-through, poor quality workout leggings that aren't fit to sustain the fitness lifestyle will set back your progress. This guide covers everything you need to know about buying and caring for women’s gym leggings to help you avoid low quality sportswear and find superior alternatives to achieve your best.


What are gym leggings made from?

Most gym leggings are made from a Lycra blend to give the comfort and stretch you need to perform. However, premium sportswear like Castore tends to be made from nylon and elastane blends for a super-soft, long-lasting material.

When shopping for women’s gym leggings, keep an eye out for some key terminology that will help you spot the ideal gym clothes, such as:

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • High stretch
  • Sweat wicking
  • Quick drying

 Womens grey seamless gym leggings

Premium Carbon seamless gym leggings (pictured)

It's common to sweat during a good workout so clothing that facilitates the transfer of heat and sweat out of your body is key to maintaining comfort and avoiding overheating. Lightweight and stretchable leggings give you full movement for the most demanding exercises. But they can rip if pulled or strained too hard, so strong performance fabrics are essential to achieve the best of both worlds.

Women's leggings with pockets seem like a rare luxury and yet come with practical benefits for storage in the gym. Especially as many bring along their phones for music.

Both cardio and weightlifting can leave you feeling dirty and conscious of your smell. Leggings with anti-odour properties could quash this cause for concern so you can stay fresh.

 Black Castore womens gym leggings with pockets

Castore Elite gym leggings with pockets


How to wash gym leggings

After a rigorous training session at the gym, that feeling of knowing you worked out shouldn’t be dampened by, well, damp gym clothes. Looking after your gym clothes is vital to their longevity so you can keep pushing your workouts to the limit. Here’s a quick rundown of how to wash gym leggings:

  1. Let them breathe before putting them into the wash basket. This stops bacteria from building up causing your leggings to permanently smell no matter how many times you wash them. Air your clothes out either outside or on a drying rack to make sure they wash well in the machine.
  2. Wash your gym leggings inside out. This not only protects the integrity of the material but is also washing the parts of the leggings that have direct contact with your body and sweat which gives a deeper, long-lasting clean.
  3. Avoid washing at high heat. The hotter the wash, the more you degrade the elasticity of the material. Make sure to wash your gym leggings at 30 degrees to keep them looking and feeling brand new.
  4. Never tumble dry your gym leggings, let them air dry. Again, exposure to heat is really damaging the materials, so avoid high temperatures at all costs.


Why do my workout leggings keep falling down?

If you find yourself constantly hiking up your leggings while working out or playing sports, there could be several reasons why including:

  • Your leggings aren’t the right size for you.
  • The elastic has worn out either around the waistband, legs or both.
  • The material of your leggings is made from low-quality fibres.


When shopping for new leggings, make sure to pay close attention to the measurements of the sizing. There are some subtle differences between brands, so, don’t assume that just because you’re one size in one brand you’ll be that size in others. You might also want to consider opting for high waist leggings if you notice your leggings fall down a lot. Depending on your body shape, you may find that the way high waisted leggings sit on the waist, you’ll have a more secure fit. Similarly, compression leggings are a great option if you’re still struggling to find a perfect fit.


How should workout leggings fit?

Workout and gym leggings are designed to be ultra comfortable and help you to perform at your best.

Your leggings should fit like a second skin on your legs. If your leggings have seams, they shouldn’t be leaving imprints on your skin. The same goes for your waistband, you shouldn’t be able to see any visible marks after wearing your leggings for any period. If you are wearing a size too big, you notice excess material around both the crotch and the knees. This is important, especially around the thighs, as without proper coverage, you may experience some chaffing.

There isn’t really one perfect way leggings should fit as everyone’s bodies are different. Instead, listen to your body and find a size and style that feel most comfortable to you. So, take note of the points above and use them as a guide when trying on and buying new gym leggings.

You should now be better equipped to find your perfect pair of premium performance gym leggings online.