Capri vs 7/8 vs full-length leggings

Capri vs 7/8 vs full-length leggings

Amon Fearon - February 08, 2023

No superior sportswear collection is complete without a few pairs of women’s seamless gym leggings. But while shopping, you may have found yourself asking whether you want full-length, Capri’s or 7/8’s. So, what do all these different sizes and styles mean and which one is right for you? 

We’re breaking down the difference between Capri and 7/8 leggings and how they stack up against full-length leggings to make finding your perfect pair, easy. Let’s get straight into it.


What are Capri leggings?

You may have heard of Capri leggings by a different name before. Sometimes, Capri leggings are called ‘cropped leggings’ or even ‘long shorts’ because they stop just above or below the knee.

Capri leggings are great for exercising in warmer weather offering that full same support and coverage you get from full-length leggings. Capri’s tend to be the go-to favourite for smaller women who feel the length is a little more flattering in terms of body proportions. 


What are 7/8 leggings?

When it comes to answering what 7/8 leggings are, the clues in the name. 7/8 leggings are 1/8 shorter than full-length leggings. These leggings stop a few inches above your ankle fairly far down your shin.

From a style point of view, 7/8 leggings are ideal for women who prefer an in-between of the two extremes: full-length and Capri’s.


Cropped vs full-length leggings

Full-length leggings go all the way down to your ankle, so, offer that full leg coverage. Full-length leggings are arguably the most popular choice with women gym goers who focus on weightlifting. However, cropped gym leggings are perfect for competitive sportswomen looking for premium performance-driven leggings to improve their play.

Cropped gym leggings offer that same flexibility as full-length leggings but with slightly less coverage, can help to regulate body temperature on those warmer days. There’s also a style element to all of this. Cropped gym leggings are best suited to shorter women to give the appearance of longer legs. Although, that isn’t to say taller women can’t go for the Capri style leggings. There really aren’t any rules to sportswear, it’s all about what you’re most comfortable in to help you push yourself.


7/8 vs full-length leggings

There isn’t a huge amount of difference when it comes to 7/8 vs full-length leggings. In terms of length, there are a few inches to consider, not a lot in the grand scheme of things and neither of which massively alter your performance either way.

So, if you’re deciding between the two, think about the length of your legs and which style of gym leggings would look best proportionally on your body. When buying gym leggings, make sure to always read the product description in detail. What might look great on the model might not look how you expect it in real life. For example, a lot of models are taller than 5”7, so, how full-length leggings look on them may differ if you’re smaller. Generally speaking, there shouldn’t be a huge difference, especially if you’re buying from a reputable retailer. But it’s always worth checking out the exact measurement of the leggings beforehand to know what to expect.

Nothing beats the feeling of putting on a pair of brand-new gym leggings made from unique performance fabrics. Hopefully, this has cleared up some of the confusion around the different types of leggings and helped you to discover which style is best for you. Whether your leggings are for sweating it out in the weights section or helping you reach your new personal best on the sports field, your leggings should be engineered to perform.