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Kendrick Bag - Light Grey/Dark Grey

The Kendrick bag has been designed to accommodate everything an athlete will ever need. The outer layer is made from a highly durable, weather protective graphene fabric and complemented by a soft tissue inner designed with specialist compartments to organise everything you need between home, the office and gym.


Packaway Anti-Odour Bags

Perfect to store trainers, towels and used training kit, the two removable bags ensure your post training garments are never compromised. Infused with anti-odour silver chloride to reduce sweat induced smell ad containing fully sealable drawstring handles to remove leakage.

Mesh Valuables Storage

Refined matte mesh pocket with a waterproof coating and cast metal zip, perfect to store valuables such as phone, keys and passport. The compounded shape minimises destabilisation when on the move.

5 Zipped Pockets

5 zipped self lock pockets provide ample storage. The compressive design provides stabilisation and protection when the bag is fully loaded.

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