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Campello Sliders - Black / White

Pre order for delivery 8th July. Designed for relaxing before and after your summer training, or simply enjoying the longer summer days of relaxation. Made from a soft and supportive UVA foam, moulded around the foot to provide superior comfort on longer walks if case you’re in the mood for adventure. A perforated microfibre upper and padded mesh lining complete the upper for optimal full-foot comfort.



UVA foam support

Sole construction specifically designed to mould around the foot and provide optimal support. The sole is made with natural cushioning and bounce to deliver exceptional comfort.

Microfibre construction

padded mesh liming around the upper construction to minimise chafing and further enhance comfort and underpinning the sole of the foot.

Anti-odour carrier bag

Perfect to store trainers, towels and used training kit, the two removable bags are infused with anti-odour silver chloride to reduce sweat induced smell.

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