Introducing the Castore
Marathon Collection

We depart for the Balearic island of Mallorca with hope for sunshine. Nestled off the Eastern coast of Spain, south of the French Riviera and, on a clear day, within sight of the Algerian coast - a majestic island with a land mass of just over 3,600 sq metres and truly breathtaking scenery. Stretching from deserted stone beaches up to jagged, almost violently steep mountainous paths, with low clouds that blend seamlessly into the glistening Mediterranean Sea below.

The smell of fresh pine emanates from deep forests providing an almost magical aroma that combined with the exalted backdrops, almost overwhelms the senses.
There truly is nowhere else better to train.
A paradise for athletes.

The Mountain range of Tramuntana is often challenged by elite athletes, who descent on Mallorca from across the world to test themselves in the most unforgiving of environments. Its highest peak is the Puig Major, reaching a summit of 1,445 metres, the highest single mountain range in the Balearic Islands and close to rivalling the feared Alp D’Huez of France. This is but one of the summits we strive to confront over a gruelling 3 days of interval training.

Local Mallorquinas are accustomed to the challenges the new terrain throws at us - the volatile changes in incline and aggressive winds swirling off the ocean making every stride forward a challenge in itself. Not only testing fitness but resilience and mentality. The summit is the pinnacle of achievement, with the final view beyond the clouds making it all worthwhile.

As the first stages of interval training commence with a light shake out, each athlete attempts to keep their mind off the impending suffering about to commence. We find the perfect section of a deserted mountain road, perched between the foothills and the peak, for a session that is purposefully designed to push a man to their true limits. Slowly and methodically over a period where, for the athletes, time will cease to exist and will instead be replaced by a deep, grinding pain.

The chosen road ascends through a narrow twist of enormous lemon trees that block out the sunlight and cause shadows to dance across the tarmac - stretching just over 250 yards that will soon seem so much more. The athletes gradually increase pace as they climb, maxing out when 20 yards from the peak. The run is completed 12 times, each leg lasting about 45 seconds and with 60 seconds break in between each interval.

As more runs are completed, laughter ceases, breathing becomes heavier and the eyes show the pain that is gradually rising through the body.

As the interval session reaches its climax - oxygen is fiercely grasped as if trying to escape the lungs, faces contort into shapes unnatural in any circumstances other than training to the maximum and water is poured over the entire body to provide the smallest of physical relief. A full fifteen minutes pass before normality even considers a return, with wry smiles ever so gradually reappearing and the ever so slightly arrogant banter that is known the world over to athletes who have just faced down the wall and found a way through.

There is no sweeter a feeling on this planet than the immediate physical and emotional glow following a session that pushes you into a zone you never knew existed.

The Castore Marathon collection has been designed with endurance in mind. Created to withstand the longest distances in the harshest conditions and stand up to anything an elite marathon runner can throw at it. Made from a special Swiss spider-mesh fabric that wicks sweat away from the body at a faster rate than any other Castore garment we have ever before produced.

Tested in the mountains of Mallorca to ensure that as temperatures rise, speed increases and heart rates accelerate, the fabric remains dry, fresh and unfussy.
Exactly what all serious marathoners demand.