Introducing the Castore Flyweight Collection


Featuring a unique V9 mesh - our lightest collection ever.

The Flyweight Collection is the outcome of over 2 years rigorous exploration. Fused by a deep belief in design creativity, innovation and relentless testing to create products that perform at the cutting edge, leaving no stone unturned in our quest to make products faster.

Each product within the collection has been inspired by the elite engineers within the world of Formula One, where the mindset of finding marginal gains that deliver a 1% performance enhancement is nowhere more evident. The Flyweight collection pays homage to the technical excellence within Formula One, transferring this ethos into creating exceptionally lightweight, breathable and flexible training garments.

Clean lines and simple silhouettes allow innovative detail to define all products within the collection in a subtle yet important way. Crafted from a unique Swiss "V9" fabric that is lighter than anything we have created before, with percolated tourbillon mattered constructed that minimises the use of excess fabric. Wind tunnels were utilised extensively during the 18 month testing process to create a? silhouette that optimises aerodynamic fit.

The utilisation of advanced engineering techniques is key to every piece in the collection, which features ingenious construction and design details. The Eden jacket is a case in point - just one of the innovative pieces to employ laser-perforated ventilation to regulate temperature. The Joseph shorts have a range of intelligently incorporated features - invisible card pockets combine purpose with exquisitely engineered design. The Karlsson tee has superior range of movement from previous tees due to strategically located flex-panels.

The Flyweight collection is a study in how the needs of performance intersect with the mechanics of design. With lightness at its core, bringing creativity to the purpose of enhanced performance. Engineering excellence meets design precision.