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Anthracite McLaren Facemask
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U-Mask is an innovative, biotech, reusable face mask designed by U-Earth and made in Italy.

It is a new mask concept that combines modern design, superior comfort, high performance and a socio-environmental impact.

U-Mask Model 2.2’s innovative design bidirectionally counteracts the passage of external microorganisms and neutralises them for up to 200 hours of respiratory use, thanks to the antiproliferative properties of its Bio-LayerTM, which is natural, non-toxic and prevents bacterial proliferation. The design of the mask ensures it fits well on the face, optimises protection efficiency and is extremely comfortable, even when worn for prolonged periods.

U-Mask comprises two pieces - a cover and a refill filter. The cover is made from hypoallergenic, splash-resistant regenerated nylon, made entirely from ocean and landfill waste, and can be washed and recycled. The refill is formed of four layers - the Bio-LayerTM, the nanofiltration layer and two pieces of non-woven fabric. It provides protection against aerosols and microorganisms, having achieved more than 99% bacterial filtration capacity (BFE In-->Out and BFE Out-->In).

Quickly becoming a fashion accessory worn by Hollywood icons and throughout motorsport, U-Mask is available online in 14 different colours, and has seen over 1 million units sold across 129 countries, with bespoke branded versions available for the corporate market.

With each production batch tested to meet strict quality guidelines and an anti-counterfeiting seal, every U-Mask purchased contributes to support U-Earth in its mission to protect our world from air pollution and the global distribution of Pure Air Zone hubs, empowering game-changing organisations and people who are committed to providing a clean air world.

Test in compliance to EN 14683.