2021 Is Upon Us

2021 Is Upon Us

Team Castore - December 18, 2020

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It

Though many businesses will, completely understandably, be licking their wounds from the last 12 months, we are taking a very different approach. What matters most in times of adversity is how we react, how we maintain momentum, and not only see out the storm but find a way to excel in the most difficult of times. Castore have already proven our ability to do this and 2021 is another opportunity to push ever further ahead into the unknown and embrace opportunities whilst others remain cautious. Many people fear change – we love it and we will continue to be at the forefront of new developments and forging a path for our success, whether that path is clear or not. We have no intention of waiting to see how external events impact us, we will use all our energy to create the future we know exists for us. If you want to be comfortable, the life of an entrepreneur isn’t for you.

Grow Or Die

One of our founding principals when we founded Castore in late 2016 was grow or die. We knew success for any start-up was far from guaranteed and even less so one launching in the ultra-competitive sportswear market. Our approach from day 1 was exactly the same as we have today – relentlessly attack and find a way to be successful, no matter what. We don’t concern ourselves with fear of failure, our singular and relentless focus is on getting Castore where we want it to be, by any means necessary.

In the four years that have passed since then we have learned that the only way for us to achieve this is through a relentless focus on product excellence. Working harder to find unique performance fabrics, only partnering with truly world-class cutting-edge engineers and testing each and every garment beyond endurance with our elite athletes to develop products that are truly superior to anything in the world. 

In 2021 we will leverage this ethos and invest deeper in a number of key ranges - our lifestyle collection will significantly expand, creating garments for the new world of work with lightweight, breathable and flexible fabrics combining with understated designs for the modern era man. Our golf range will be revamped with an even bolder and more daring visual aesthetic that we know will be incredibly popular with customers; we will also launch our first collection appealing to a younger and more fashion focussed audience. Inspired by streetwear trends in the mind 1990s when we were growing up, this range will push the boundaries more than ever before. Product is the beating heart of Castore and we won’t be slowing down in 2021.

New Year, New Opportunities

Last month we announced new partnerships with two more world class athletes – England rugby captain Owen Farrell and England cricket vice-captain Jos Buttler, individuals who combine exceptional talent with a deep grit and determination to be the very athletes and competitors they can be. Partnering with these athletes is a great privilege for us. This year will see further athlete partnerships across a range of sports and we look forward to working with every individual to help us create ever more technically advanced products and inspiring content. A sportswear brand is nothing without its athletes and we will only partner with the very best in the world.

The other area you will see more from us this year is collaborations. Our inaugural collaboration range with McLaren Automotive last year was successful beyond even our best expectations and we have a number of incredibly exciting partnerships in the pipeline to launch this year. The first will be released in the Spring and put a completely new perspective on our performance sportswear focus. Some of these ranges will be in unconventional areas and may surprise a few people but that is something we love to do. We are very much looking forward to your thoughts and feedback. 

Fortune Favours The Disruptors  

Our partnership with Glasgow Rangers last year put Castore on the sporting map. Since then, teams all over the world have been keen to work with us and tap into our blend of premium product designs, digital expertise and Better Never Stops DNA. We see huge opportunities in this area and will be very aggressive in going after those we truly believe in. 2021 will see Castore’s launch into the English Premier League and we are only just getting started. We will be the first new British brand to enter the EPL in over a generation and are incredibly proud to be blazing this trail. There is no limit on our aspirations and we want to partner with the world’s most ambitious teams across the sporting spectrum who share our Better Never Stops ethos and disruptors mindset. When values truly align, special partnerships happen.

Entering A Land Of Opportunity

The final point to note in this year’s New Year message is Castore’s accelerating international presence. One of our founding values was to inspire athletes all over the world to be the very best they can be. Not in the way that seems to be so in vogue in the modern world, where everyone is a winner through taking part but in the more old fashioned mindset of revelling in the spirit of competition and taking pride in overcoming an opponent. These are universal values and resonate with athletes globally. For Castore to be truly successful we must become the brand known for inspiring athletes wherever they are.

We are incredibly proud of our Liverpool roots and being a British brand punching above our weight on the global stage. From the very beginning Castore has always attracted international customers and we already sell into over 80 countries around the world – however the time has now come for us to take the next step internationally and this will happen in Australia. Our growth strategy combines partnerships with some of the most successful and prestigious teams in the country including Sydney Roosters and Melbourne Storm, with a major investment in our ecommerce and delivery infrastructure in the country. Supported by a growing athlete partner presence, we have set big growth targets for ourselves to deliver in Australia in 2021. With a common history, deep love of sport and even deeper love of competing, we couldn’t have chosen a better place to kick off our global growth aspirations.